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AA Birds of Britain & Europe
~Roy Dodson
AA Publishing
Hardcover - 31 October, 2000

advan.jpg (5758 bytes) Advanced Birding
~Ken Kaufman
Houghton Mifflin (Trade)
Paperback - 21 October, 1999
afgreyhand.jpg (3973 bytes) African Grey Parrot Handbook
~M.S. Athan
Barron's Educational Series
Paperback - 30 June, 2000
afrigrey.jpg (3862 bytes) African Grey Parrots
~Annette Wolter
Barron's Educational Series
Paperback - August 1987
alexstud.gif (15401 bytes) The Alex Studies
~Irene Maxine Pepperberg
Harvard University Press
Hardcover - 28 February, 2000
allaboutbudgie.jpg (4717 bytes) All About Your Budgerigar
~Bradley Viner
Ringpress Books
Paperback - June 1997
All About Your Canary
~Bradley Viner
Ringpress Books
Paperback - September 1999
allcocka.gif (15401 bytes) All About Your Cockatiel
~Bradley Viner
Ringpress Books
Paperback - February 1998
allfinch.gif (15718 bytes) All About Your Finch
~Bradley Viner
Ringpress Books
Paperback - February 1998
aspapet.jpg (8498 bytes) Aspca Pet Care Guides for Kids: Birds
~Mark Evans
Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Inc.
Hardcover - June 1993
becoming.jpg (6687 bytes) Becoming Your Pet Bird's Best Friend (Gutman, Bill. Pet Friends.)
~Bill Gutman, Anne Canevari Green(Illustrator)
Millbrook Press
Library Binding - August 1996
birdboxes.jpg (7236 bytes) Bird Boxes and Feeders
~Stephen Moss, et al
New Holland Publishers (UK)
Hardcover - 1 January, 2001
anownersguide.gif (14606 bytes) Bird Care and Training : An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet (Owners Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet)
~Pam Higdon, Pamela Leis Higdon
Howell Books, Inc.
Hardcover - August 1998
birdcare.gif (18735 bytes) The Bird Care Book : All You Need to Know to Keep Your Bird Healthy and Happy
~Sheldon L. Gerstenfeld
Addison Wesley Publishing Company
Paperback - February 1989
allaboutbirds.jpg (6972 bytes) Birds (All About Pets)
~Helen Frost
Pebble Books/Capstone Press
School & Library Binding - June 2000
Birds (Hansen, Ann Larkin. Popular Pet Care.)
~Ann Larkin Hansen
Abdo & Daughters Publishing
School & Library Binding - August 1997
birdsfromforrest.jpg (7714 bytes) Birds : From Forest to Family Room (Before They Were Pets)
~John Zeaman
Franklin Watts, Inc.
School & Library Binding - April 1999
birddums.jpg (8154 bytes) Birds For DummiesŪ
~Brian L. Speer, et al
I D G Books Worldwide
Paperback - August 1999
Birds on the Couch : The Bird Shrink's Guide to Keeping Polly from Going Crackers and You Out of the Cuckoo's Nest
~Ruth Hanessian, Wendy Bounds
Crown Publishing Group, Inc. (NY)
Hardcover - June 1998
Bourke's Parakeets
~Doreen Haggard
Kingdom Books
Paperback - 1 January, 1998
~Paula Jones, Phillipa Bower
Kingdom Books
Hardcover - 7 August, 1997
Budgerigars (Junior Pet Care/J-006)
~Zuza Vrbova
TFH Publications, Inc.
Hardcover - April 1990
Budgies as a New Pet
TFH Publications
Paperback - November 1990
cageandavhandbook.jpg (6215 bytes) The Cage and Aviary Bird Handbook
~Tony Tilford
New Holland Publishers (UK)
Hardcover - 1 October, 2000
Cage and Aviary Bird Survival Manual
~Graham Wellstead
Hardcover - 11 September, 1997


cagebird.jpg (5893 bytes) The Cage Bird
~David Alderton
Interpet Publishing
Hardcover - 18 January, 2001
cannoto.jpg (5416 bytes) Canaries
~Otto von Frisch
Barron's Educational Series
Paperback - 25 June, 1999
cannsigrun.jpg (4754 bytes) Canaries
~Sigrun Rittrich-Dorenkamp
Barron's Educational Series
Hardcover - September 2000
Canaries as a New Pet
~Maja Muller-Bierl
TFH Publications
Paperback - 5 December, 1990
caringbudgies.jpg (4543 bytes) Caring for Your Pet Budgies
~Don Harper
Interpet Publishing
Paperback - 1 July, 1999
The Challenge: Breeding Championship Budgerigars
~Gerald S. Binks
Osprey International
Hardcover - 15 November, 1998
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Cockatiel Handbook
Barron's Educational Series
Paperback - 1 October, 1999

cockapet.jpg (4712 bytes) Cockatiels as a New Pet
~John Coborn
TFH Publications
Paperback - November 1990
cockahobby.jpg (5555 bytes) Cockatoos as a Hobby
~John Coborn
TFH Publications
Paperback - 27 October, 1994
collinscarebudgie.jpg (5998 bytes) Collins Care for Your Budgerigar
~Tina Hearne
Paperback - 5 May, 1990
compbird.jpg (5271 bytes) The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook
~Gary A. Gallerstein, Heather Acker
Howell Books, Inc.
Hardcover - May 1994
encyfalc.jpg (3048 bytes) The Encyclopedia of Falconry
~Adrian Walker
Swan Hill Press
Hardcover - September 1999
esspara.jpg (5910 bytes) The Essential Parakeet
~Howell Book House
Simon & Schuster
Paperback - 3 November, 1998
falconry.jpg (3486 bytes) Falconry
~Nick Hammond
The Crowood Press
Hardcover - 24 April, 2000
feedinpet.jpg (6508 bytes) Feeding Your Pet Bird
~Petra M. Burgmann, Michele Earle-Bridges(Illustrator)
Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Paperback - September 1993
firstaid.jpg (5589 bytes) First Aid for Birds : An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet (Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet)
~Julie Rach, Gary A. Gallerstein
Howell Books, Inc.
Hardcover - December 1998
The Garden Bird Survival Guide
~David Cromack
Ringpress Books
Paperback - November 1999
greyparr.jpg (5068 bytes) The Grey Parrot
~Wolfgang De Grahl
TFH Publications
Paperback - 1989
guidewell.jpg (3597 bytes) Guide to a Well-behaved Parrot
~Mattie Sue Athan
Barron's Educational Series
Paperback - 15 December, 1999
guidecomp.jpg (4266 bytes) Guide to Companion Parrot Behaviour
~Mattie Sue Athan
Barron's Educational Series
Paperback - 25 June, 1999
handfeed.jpg (5669 bytes) Hand-Feeding and Raising Baby Birds : Breeding, Hand-Feeding, Care, and Management
~Matthew M. Vriends, M. Heming-Vriends(Illustrator)
Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Paperback - October 1996
The Hobby
~Anthony Chapman, Bruce Pearson(Illustrator)
Arlequin Publications
Hardcover - 31 December, 1999
holisticcare.jpg (5890 bytes) Holistic Care for Birds
~Pamela Higdon, et al
Howell Books, Inc.
Hardcover - 15 December, 1998
keepaf.jpg (3553 bytes) Keeping African Gray Parrots
~David Alderton
TFH Publications
Paperback - 1 July, 1995
Keeping Fantail Pigeons
~Jacob Barrett
Beech Publishing House
Paperback - 1996
Keeping Peafowl
~James Blake
Beech Publishing House
Keeping Quail
~Katie Thear
Broad Leys Publishing Co
Paperback - 24 June, 1998

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