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“The Adventures of Sailor Sam”, tells the story of a farm cat who is forced to leave home after a misunderstanding.  A group of sailors take pity on him and he begins a new life on board as “Sailor Sam”.   However, the sailors do not understand that cats are nocturnal and soon begin to call Sam lazy. To prove them wrong, he decides to steer the ship at night to speed them to their destination.  Alas, cats are not known for their map reading skills.   Where will the ship end up?  And will Sam be forgiven? This beautifully illustrated book will appeal to children and cat lovers alike.

Once the author, Angela Cater has recovered the cost of self-publishing the book, a percentage of all proceeds will be donated to her favourite charity, Riverhaven Elderly Cat Welfare in Devon, which cares for abandoned elderly and disabled cats for the rest of their natural lives.  Co-owner, Michael Southern died unexpectedly last year and soon after wife, Jackie, was diagnosed with cancer.  Despite these tragedies, the shelter continues it’s dedicated work in caring for over 60 elderly residents.

The book is available from Amazon UK.

Signed copies can be ordered from the author at

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101essentialtips (6231 bytes)

101 Essential Tips: Cat Care
~Andrew Edney
Paperback - June 1995

101morereasons.gif (5115 bytes) 101 More Reasons Why a Cat Is Better Than a Man
~Allia Zobel, Nicole Hollander(Illustrator)
Adams Media Corporation
Paperback - September 1997

101questions.gif (8530 bytes)

101 Questions Your Cat Would Ask : What's Bothering Your Cat and How to Solve Its Problems
~Honor Head
Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Paperback - February 1999

101signs.gif (7738 bytes) 101 Signs You're Spending Too Much Time With Your Cat
~John Baynham
CCC Publications
Paperback - September 1999

250things.gif (11613 bytes)

250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You
~Ingrid Newkirk
Simon & Schuster Books
Paperback - May 1998

277secrets.gif (11429 bytes) 277 Secrets Your Cats Want You to Know
~Paulette Cooper, Paul Noble
Ten Speed Press
Paperback - December 1997

365ways.jpg (5989 bytes)

365 Ways to Love Your Cat
~D. H. Love
Gramercy Books
Hardcover - March 2000

3d.jpg (4715 bytes) 3D Eyewitness: Cats
~Dorling Kindersley Publishing
Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Inc.
Hardcover - 1 October, 1999

50simpleways.jpg (5234 bytes)

50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat
~Arden Moore
Storey Books
Paperback - 13 September, 2000

50ways.gif (4920 bytes) 50 Ways to Train Your Cat
~Sally Franklin
Howell Books, Inc.
Hardcover - July 1996
ABC Cats
~Kathy Darling, Tara Darling, Walker & Company
Library Binding - September 1998
The Abyssinian Cat (Learning About Cats)
~Joanne Mattern, Capstone Press
School & Library Binding - July 2000
Abyssinian Cat (Popular Cat Library)
~Judah Track, Chelsea House Publications
Library Binding - September 1999
Abyssinian Cats (Cats)
~Stuart A. Kallen, Abdo & Daughters Publishing
School & Library Binding - September 1995

abycatseverything.gif (14457 bytes)

Abyssinian Cats : Everything About Acquisition, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, Health Care, and Breeding (Barron's Compete Pet Owner's Manuals)
~J. Anne Helgren
Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Paperback - April 1995

abyss.gif (12692 bytes) Abyssinians
~Ruth Cooke-Zimmerman
TFH Publications
Hardcover - 25 December, 1991

adopting.gif (6517 bytes)

Adopting Cats and Kittens : A Care and Training Guide
~Connie Jankowski
Howell Books, Inc.
Paperback - May 1993
All About Cats and Kittens (All Aboard Books)
~Emily Neye, Elizabeth Hathon(Illustrator), Grosset and Dunlap
Paperback - October 1999
All About Your Kitten
~Bradley Viner, Ringpress Books
Paperback - August 1998

allmypatients.gif (6548 bytes)

All My Patients Are Under the Bed
~Louis J. Camuti, et al
Simon & Schuster Books
Paperback - March 1985
allergies.gif (6558 bytes) Allergies (Natural Pet Care Pocket Series)
~Lisa S. Newman
Crossing Press, Inc.
Paperback - August 1999

amaz.gif (15023 bytes)

Amazing but True Cat Tales
~Bruce M. Nash, et al
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Paperback - August 1993
amazcats.gif (14936 bytes) Amazing Cats (Eyewitness Juniors)
~Alexandra Parsons
Alfred A. Knopf
Paperback - August 1990

Arthritis (Natural Pet Care Pocket Series)
~Lisa S. Newman, Crossing Press, Inc.
Paperback - August 1999

A Basic Book of Cats Look-and-learn
~Doris A De Prisco, Tetsu Yamazaki, TFH Publications
Hardcover - 31 December, 1993
The Big Book of Cats
~McHattie, Edwards, Parkgate Books
Hardcover - October 1999
Caring for Your Cat
~Angela Gair, HarperCollins Leisure
Paperback - 2 January, 2001

artcure.jpg (4593 bytes)

The Arthritis Cure for Pets
~Brian Beale, Brenda Adderly
Little Brown and Company
Hardcover - April 2000
aspca.gif (7207 bytes) Aspca Pet Care Guides for Kids: Kitten
~Mark Evans
Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Inc.
Hardcover - September 1992

barron.gif (13984 bytes)

Barron's Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds : A Complete Guide to the Domestic Cats of North America
~J. Anne Helgren
Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Hardcover - November 1997
battersea.gif (15908 bytes) Battersea Dogs' Home
~Robin McGibbon, Bob Long
BBC Consumer Publishing (Books)
Paperback - 26 November, 1998

beau.gif (11085 bytes)

Beautiful Cats : The Most Popular Breeds
~Uschi Birr
Sterling Publishing
Paperback - April 1998
becoming.jpg (6027 bytes) Becoming Your Cat's Best Friend (Pet Friends Series)
~Bill Gutman, Anne Canevari Green(Illustrator)
Millbrook Press
Library Binding - February 1997

before.gif (16971 bytes)

Before You Buy That Kitten
~Phil Maggitti
Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Paperback - April 1995
bengal.gif (13929 bytes) Bengal Cats
~Dan Rice
Barron's Educational Series
Paperback - 29 September, 1995

bigbook1.gif (12866 bytes)

The Big Book of Cats
~Susan Feuer(Editor)
Paperback - 1 October, 1999
bigbook3.jpg (6810 bytes) The Big Book of Cats : Fun Facts, Fascinating Anecdotes, and Quotations About Felines
~Susan Feuer(Editor), Ana Cica Pinto(Illustrator)
Random House Value Publishing Inc
Hardcover - October 2000

bigbook4.jpg (7078 bytes)

The Big Book of Cats : The Illustrated Guide to More Than 60 of the World's Favorite Breeds
~Grace McHattie, Alan Edwards
Running Press Book Publishers
Hardcover - September 1999
bigcats.jpg (7340 bytes) Big Cats
~Simon Seymour
HarperCollins Publishers
Paperback - March 1994

bigcats2.jpg (7895 bytes)

Big Cats : And Other Animals : Their Beauty, Dignity and Survival
~Joseph R. Spies
Lifetime Books Inc
Paperback - October 1998
birdwatch.gif (18617 bytes) Bird Watching for Cats : An Entertainment Guide for Indoor Felines
~Kit Harrison, et al
Willow Creek Press
Hardcover - September 1998

birman.jpg (6291 bytes)

Birman Cat (Popular Cat Library)
~Karen Cummings, Karen Commings
Chelsea House Publications
Library Binding - September 1999
badylang.gif (11026 bytes) The Body Language and Emotion of Cats
~Myrna M. Milani
Quill (Harper)
Paperback - October 1993

bookof.jpg (4335 bytes)

The Book of My Pet
~Kate Marshall, et al
Hyperion Books
Hardcover - 18 October, 2000
british.gif (15734 bytes) The British Shorthair Cat : Everything About Acquisitions, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, Health Care, and Breeding (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
~Friedhelm Lessmeier, et al
Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Paperback - July 1997

The British Veterinary Association Guide to Cat Care (DK Petcare)
The British Veterinary Association Guide to Cat Care

~David Taylor, Dorling Kindersley
Paperback - October 1989

Burmese Cat (Popular Cat Library)
~Justine O'Flynn, Chelsea House Publications
Library Binding - September 1999
care.gif (11801 bytes) Care for Your Cat
~Tina Hearne
HarperCollins General Reference
Paperback - 5 May, 1990

carekit.gif (11398 bytes)

Care for Your Kitten
~Anna Mews
HarperCollins General Reference
Paperback - 5 May, 1990
caring.jpg (6500 bytes) Caring for Cats
~Andrew Morris
Random House Value Publishing Inc
Hardcover - February 2000

caringold.jpg (6330 bytes)

Caring for Older Cats & Dogs
~Robert Anderson DVM, Barbara Wrede
Williamson Publishing Co
Paperback - 1 February, 1990
caringsickcat.gif (16218 bytes) Caring for Your Sick Cat
~Carol Himsel Daly
Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Paperback - March 1994

catwild.gif (25832 bytes)

Cat : Wild Cats and Pampered Pets
~A. T. B. Edney, Andrew Edney
Watson-Guptill Publications
Hardcover - May 1999
Cat and Kitten Care
~D. Alderton, Tetra Press
Hardcover - February 1993
Cat Box
~J. C. Suares(Editor), Welcome Enterprises
Hardcover - April 2000

catbegood.gif (10712 bytes)

Cat Be Good : A Commonsense Approach to Training Your Cat
~Annie Bruce
Good Cats Wear Black
Paperback - 1 January, 2000
catbehav.gif (11145 bytes) Cat Behaviour and Training
TFH Publications
Hardcover - 4 October, 1996

catbreeds.gif (12892 bytes)

Cat Breeds
~Paddy Cutts
Apple Press
Paperback - 23 November, 2000
catbreeds2.gif (9395 bytes) Cat Breeds : The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier (Identifying Guide Series)
~Paddy Cutts
BookSales Inc
Hardcover - March 1995

catcare.gif (12764 bytes)

The Cat Care Book : All You Need to Know to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy
~Sheldon L. Gerstenfeld
Addison Wesley Publishing Company
Paperback - May 1989
catcare2.gif (12652 bytes) Cat Care, Naturally : Celeste Yarnall's Complete Guide to Holistic Health Care for Cats
~Celeste Yarnall
Tuttle Publishing
Hardcover - May 1995

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