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All About Goats
by Lois U. Hetherington
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Goat Keeping But Were Afraid to Ask
Pat North
Commercial Goat Farming
Katie Thear
Dairy Goat Husbandry Literature
C L Faudell
Dairy Goat Production
Andrew Bartlett
diseases.jpg (3264 bytes) Diseases of the Goat
English Goat Breeders' Association 1978-1998
Peter Berger, Raymond Werner
Genetic Resources of Pig, Sheep and Goat
K. Maijala(Editor)

The Goat
Standing Committee on Agriculture

Goat Breeding and Kid Rearing
Hilary Matthews, Peter Melling(Editor)
Goat Farming
by Alan Mowlem,
John S. Gummer MP
goatcheese.gif (17855 bytes) Goat Cheese
by Ethel Brennan, et al
Goat Farming
Farming Press Books and Videos
Goat Farming in New Zealand
David Yerex
Goat Husbandry and Health
Hilary Matthews, John G. Matthews Bsc BVMS MRCVS
goathusbandry.jpg (7013 bytes) Goat Husbandry
by David Mackenzie,
Ruth Goodwin (Editor)
Goat Keepers' Cook Book
Marie Collinge

The Goatkeeper's Veterinary Book
by Peter Dunn MRCVS

Goat Keeping Manual
Goat Medicine
Mary C. Smith, David M. Sherman
Goat Nutrition
P. Morand-Fehr(Editor)
Goat Production in the Humid Tropics
O.B. Smith(Editor), et al(Editor)
Goat Production
in the Tropics
C. Devendra, M. Burns
Goat Production Systems in the Humid Tropics
A.O. Ayeni(Editor), H.G. Bosman(Editor)
by Patricia Ross
Mike Steele, Anthony J. Smith
(Paperback - February 1996)
Goats of the World
by Valerie Porter,
Jake Tebbit (Illustrator)
Improving Goat Production in the Tropics
Christie Peacock
Improving Goat Production in the Tropics
Christie Peacock
natural.jpg (4518 bytes) Natural Goat and Alpaca Care
Pat Coleby
thenewgoat.jpg (6979 bytes) The New Goat Handbook
Note on the Throat of the Goat
Outline of Clinical Diagnosis in the Goat
John G. Matthews BSc BVMS MRCVS
packgoat.gif (12341 bytes) The Pack Goat
John Mionczynski
The Pygmy Goat
~Doreen Wright
Sheep and Goat Practice 2
Edward Boden(Editor), Margaret Melling(Editor)
Sheep and Goat Production
A T Chamberlain(Editor)
storeysguide.jpg (5801 bytes) Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats: Breeds, Care, Dairying
Jerome D. Belanger, Jerry Belanger
vetguide.gif (10284 bytes) Veterinary Guide for
Animal Owners : Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Horses, Pigs, Poultry, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats

C. E. Spaulding, Jackie Clay (Hardcover - January 1998)

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Your Goats : A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing
Gail Damerow (Paperback - August 1993)

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