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allbreed.jpg (3331 bytes) All-Breed Dog Grooming
TFH Publications
Spiral-bound - 1990
pood.gif (17940 bytes) Poodle Clipping and Grooming: the International Reference
~Shirlee Kalstone
Prentice Hall & IBD
Hardcover - 1 September, 1999
all87.jpg (3037 bytes) All 87 Breed Dog Grooming
TFH Publications
Hardcover - 1990
groonstab.jpg (5375 bytes) Grooming and Stable Management
~Lucy Smith
Usborne Publishing Ltd
Paperback - 31 May, 1996
hohand.jpg (8684 bytes) Horse Handling & Grooming : A Step-By-Step Photographic Guide to Mastering over 100 Horsekeeping Skills (Horsekeeping Skills Library)
~Cherry Hill, Richard Klimesh (Photographer)
Storey Publishing
Paperback - April
grooyrdog.jpg (4992 bytes) Grooming Your Dog : A Natural and Herbal Approach (Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin, A-240)
~Paula Kephart
Storey Books
Paperback - September 2000
stone.jpg (3433 bytes) The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming for All Breeds
~Be Stone, Pearl Stone
Howell Books
Hardcover - November 1981
probs.jpg (7348 bytes) From Problems to Profits : The Madson Management System for Pet Grooming BusinessesFrom Problems to Profits - The Madson Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses
~Madeline Bright Ogle, Ph.D. Madeline Bright Ogle
Madson Group
Paperback - September 1997
grootowin.jpg (7549 bytes) Grooming to Win
~Susan E. Harris
Howell Book House
Hardcover - 4 November, 1991
guideto.jpg (6661 bytes) Guide to Home Pet Grooming
~Chris C. Pinney
Barron's Educational Series
Paperback - September 1990
poodclip.jpg (7327 bytes) Poodle Clipping and Grooming
Howell Book House
Hardcover - 28 September, 1981
The Ultimate Book of Dog Grooming
~Eileen Geeson
Ringpress Books
Hardcover - February 2003
Show Grooming the Look of a Winner
~Charlene Strickland
Paperback - September 1995
Grooming the Tibetan Terrier
~Lesley Cooper, Phil Wilson (Illustrator)
Lesley Cooper
Paperback - August 1999
Illustrated Guide to Sheltie Grooming
~Barbara Ross
Alpine Publications Inc
Paperback - 1994
Art and Business of Professional Grooming
~Dorothy Walin
Alpine Publications Inc
Hardcover - 1986
Grooming the Shih Tzu
~Lesley Cooper, Phil Wilson (Illustrator)
Lesley Cooper
Paperback - 7 March, 2000
Functional Morphology of Feeding and Grooming in Crustacea
~B.E. Felgenhauer (Editor), et al
A.A. Balkema
Hardcover - September 1989
The International Book of Poodle Clipping and Grooming
Howell Book House
Hardcover - 1 September, 1999
Neural Mechanisms and Biological Significance of Grooming Behavior
~Deborah L. Colbern (Editor), Willem H. Gispen (Editor)
New York Academy of Sciences
Paperback - 31 December, 1988
50 New Creative Poodle Grooming Styles
~Faye Meadows
Prentice Hall
Hardcover - 1 October, 1980
Grooming and Showing Toy Dogs
~Peggy A Hogg, Robert J Berndt
Denlinger's Publishers, US
Hardcover - December 1976

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