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Horse Books 1

perfect.jpg (3399 bytes) Perfect Manners
~Kelly Marks
Ebury Press
Paperback - 7 March, 2002
speed.jpg (6345 bytes) Speed and the Thoroughbred: 2001
~Alexander Mackey-Smith, John von Stade
Derrydale Press
Hardcover - 31 October, 2000
stark.jpg (3170 bytes) Stark Reality
~Ian Stark, et al
David & Charles
Hardcover - 1 April, 2000
making.jpg (6960 bytes) Making, Not Breaking : The First Year Under Saddle
~Cherry Hill
Hardcover - December 1992
side.jpg (6167 bytes) All About Riding Side-saddle No 23
~Victoria Spooner, et al
J A Allen & Co Ltd
Paperback - April 1999
zen.jpg (4418 bytes) Zen and Horses : Lessons from a Year of Riding
~Ingrid Soren
Rodale Press
Hardcover - April 2002
names.jpg (7087 bytes) The Incredible Little Book of 10,001 Names for Horses
~Barbara Mannis, Catherine Lewis
Horse Hollow Press, Inc
Paperback - 25 June, 1999
equest.jpg (7026 bytes) Horse and Pony: Equestrian Sports
Dorling Kindersley
Paperback - 13 September, 1999
united.jpg (6220 bytes) The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship : Advanced Horsemanship /B/Ha/a Levels (The Howell Equestrian Library)
~Susan E. Harris, et al
Howell Books
Paperback - October 1996
teach.jpg (7109 bytes) Teaching Safe Horsemanship : A Guide to English & Western Instruction
~Jan Dawson
Storey Publishing
Hardcover - July 1997
No Pic Welton Horses
~Sam Barr
David & Charles
Hardcover - 30 April, 1996
body.jpg (3321 bytes) The Body Language of Horses : Revealing the Nature of Equine Needs, Wishes, and Emotions and How Horses Communicate Them--For Owners, Breeders, Trainers
~Tom Ainslie, Bonnie Ledbetter
William Morrow & Company
Hardcover - May 1980
lessthan.jpg (3126 bytes) The Less Than Perfect Rider : Overcoming Common Riding Problems
~Lesley Bayley, Caroline Davis
Howell Books
Hardcover - April 1994
horsesare.jpg (3300 bytes) Horses Are Made to Be Horses
~Franz Mairinger
Howell Books
Paperback - January 1997
lyons.jpg (5079 bytes) Lyons on Horses : John Lyons' Proven Conditioned Response Training Program
~John Lyons, Sinclair Browning
Doubleday Books
Hardcover - October 1991
anne.gif (20798 bytes) Anne Kursinski's Riding and Jumping Clinic : A Step-By-Step Course for Winning in the Hunter and Jumper Rings
~Anne Kursinski, Miranda Lorraine
Doubleday Books
Hardcover - September 1995
quart.jpg (10011 bytes) The American Quarter Horse : An Introduction to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment
~Steven D. Price
Lyons Press
Hardcover - 1 October, 1998
caval.jpg (3475 bytes) Cavalletti : The Schooling of Horse and Rider over Ground Poles
~Ingrid Klimke, Reiner Klimke
Lyons Press
Paperback - October 2000
center.jpg (6921 bytes) Centered Riding (A Trafalgar Square Farm Book)
~Sally Swift
St. Martin's Press
Hardcover - March 1985
fear.jpg (6070 bytes) Overcoming the Fear of Riding
~Theresa J. Jordan, Peter E. De Michele
Hardcover - December 1996
dress.jpg (6447 bytes) Dressage Essentials
~Jane Kidd
Howell Books
Hardcover - January 1999
show.jpg (6014 bytes) Showing for Beginners
~Hallie I. McEvoy
Lyons and Burford Publishers
Paperback - November 1996
most.jpg (3877 bytes) Getting the Most from Riding Lessons (Horse-Wise Guide)
~Michael W. Smith, Mike Smith
Storey Publishing
Paperback - November 1998
idiot.jpg (8477 bytes) The Complete Idiot's Guide to Betting on Horses
~Sharon B. Smith, Sharon Smith
Alpha Books
Paperback - 19 September, 1998
guide.gif (17464 bytes) The Complete Guide to Horse Careers
~Sue Reynolds, et al
New Horizons Equine Educational Center
Paperback - April 1998
west.jpg (6417 bytes) Western Horse Behavior and Training
~Robert William Miller
Dolphin Books
Paperback - 21 November, 1975
comp.jpg (6519 bytes) The Horse Companion : A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Horses, Including All You Need to Know About Riding Skills, Equipment, Healthcare, Groomin
~Jane Holderness-Roddam, Jane Holderness Roddam
Barron's Educational Series
Hardcover - September 1997
essent.jpg (7739 bytes) The Handbook of Riding Essentials
~Francois Lemaire De Ruffieu
HarperCollins Publishers
Hardcover - April 1986
confo.jpg (5935 bytes) The Uspc Guide to Conformation, Movement and Soundness (Howell Equestrian Library)
~Susan E. Harris, et al
Howell Books
Paperback - August 1997
effect.jpg (5938 bytes) Becoming an Effective Rider : Develop Your Mind and Body for Balance and Unity
~Cherry Hill, Ann Blackstone (Illustrator)
Storey Communications Inc.
Paperback - November 1991
well.jpg (10239 bytes) Improve Your Horse's Well-Being : A Step-By-Step Guide to Ttouch and Tteam Training
~Linda Tellington-Jones
Trafalgar Square
Hardcover - 30 November, 1999
ency.gif (16195 bytes) The Horse Encyclopedia
~Josee Hermsen
Firefly Books Ltd
Hardcover - 3 March, 2001
pleas.jpg (7779 bytes) Western Pleasure : Training and Showing to Win
~Doug Carpenter, Carolyn S. Pryor
Hardcover - April 1996
basi.jpg (5315 bytes) Basic Horsemanship : English and Western
~Eleanor F. Prince, Gaydell M. Collier
Doubleday Books
Paperback - April 1993
even.jpg (7821 bytes) Equestrian Events (True Books-Sports)
~Bob Knotts
Children's Press (CT)
Paperback - March 2000
101.jpg (9992 bytes) 101 Horsemanship and Equitation Patterns : A Western & English Ringside Guide for Practice & Show
~Chery Hill, Cherry Hill
Storey Books
Paperback - May 1999
bible.jpg (6481 bytes) The Horseman's Bible
~Jack Coggins
Doubleday Books
Paperback - June 1984
riata.jpg (9444 bytes) Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls
~Tom Maier, et al
Storey Books
Hardcover - April 2001
cap.jpg (7100 bytes) Capital Horse Country : A Rider's and Spectator's Guide
~Jackie C. Burke
EPM Publications
Paperback - April 1994
mind.gif (17464 bytes) Reading the Horse's Mind
~Jackie Budd
Howell Books
Hardcover - October 1996
winn.jpg (6496 bytes) Winning : A Training and Showing Guide for Hunter Seat Riders
~Anna Jane White-Mullin, A. O. White (Photographer)
Trafalgar Square
Hardcover - December 1991
vis.jpg (6703 bytes) Visions of Show Jumping
~Elizabeth Furth
Lyons Press
Hardcover - May 2000
bits.jpg (5867 bytes) Bits and Bridles : Power Tools for Thinking Riders
~Dwight Bennett, Betsy Lynch
Hardcover - September 2000
manu.jpg (6761 bytes) The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship : Basics for Beginners/d Level
~Susan E. Harris
Howell Books
Paperback - March 1994
inst.jpg (4279 bytes) Equestrian Instruction : An Integrated Approach to Teaching & Learning
~Jill K. Hassler-Scoop
Goals Unlimited Press
Paperback - August 2000
great.jpg (6267 bytes) The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told
~Steven D. Price (Editor)
Lyons Press
Hardcover - 1 August, 2001
nine.jpg (5756 bytes) Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship
~Don Blazer, Meribah Small
Success Is Easy
Paperback - April 1998
across.jpg (4948 bytes) Across the Roof of the World: Equestrian Adventures in the Karakoram Mountains During the Second World War
~Wilfred Skrede
Long Riders' Guild Press
Paperback - September 2001
No Pic Monte Foreman's Horse-Training Science
~Mont Foreman, yse Foreman
University of Oklahoma Press
Hardcover - April 1984
last.jpg (6125 bytes) Last of the Saddle Tramps: One Woman's Seven Thousand Mile Equestrian Odyssey
~Messanie Wilkins
Long Riders' Guild Press
Paperback - 1 September, 2001

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