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runn.jpg (2522 bytes) Running Your Own Boarding Kennels
~David Cavill, Christopher Armstrong
Kogan Page
Paperback - 15 December, 2001
spike.jpg (7655 bytes) Spike in the Kennel
~Paulette Bogan
G. P. Putnam's Sons
School & Library Binding - May 2001
kenn.jpg (7463 bytes) Kennels and Kenneling
~Joel McMains
Howell Book House
Boarding Your Dog : How to Make Your Dog's Stay Happy, Comfortable, and Safe (Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin, A-268)
~Pat Storer
Ruth Stouter
Paperback - March 2001
I Work as a Kennels Assistant
~c C.ver
Franklin Watts
Hardcover - 31 May, 2001

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