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Pig Books

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comppig.jpg (7187 bytes) The Complete Pig
~Sara Rath
Voyageur Press (MN)
Hardcover - May 2000
potdennis.jpg (6233 bytes) Pot Bellied Pigs in Your Home
~Dennis Kelsey-Wood
TFH Publications
Hardcover - May 1994
Pot-Bellied Pigs : A Quarterly
~Dennis Kelsey-Wood
TFH Publications
Hardcover - March 1997
Pot-Bellied Pet Pigs : Mini-Pig Care and Training
~Kayla Mull, Lorrie Blackburn
All Pub Co
Paperback - October 1990
Veterinary Care of Pot Bellied Pet Pigs
~Lorrie Boldrick
All Pub Co
Paperback - March 1993
Pig Management: Tropical Pigs
~Mike Carter (Editor)
Agricola Study-packs
Spiral-bound - April 1989

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