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abc.gif (11500 bytes) ABC of Poultry Raising : A Complete Guide for the Beginner or Expert
~J. H. Florea
Dover Publications, Inc.
Paperback - February 1976
bantams.gif (10857 bytes) Bantams and Small Poultry
~Joseph Batty
Beech Publishing House
Hardcover - March 1996
british.jpg (4117 bytes) British Poultry Standards
~Victoria Roberts
Blackwell Science (UK)
Paperback - January 1997
Backyard Poultry Book
~Andrew Singer, Prism Press
Paperback - 26 May, 1994
Chicken (Life Cycle of a (Hfl))
~Angela Royston, Heinemann
Library Binding - July 1998
chickenbook.jpg (4427 bytes) The Chicken Book
~Page Smith, Charles Daniel
University of Georgia Press
Paperback - April 2000
chickenhealth.gif (12097 bytes) The Chicken Health Handbook
~Gail Damerow
Storey Communications Inc.
Paperback - June 1994
chickens.gif (15961 bytes) Chickens (Animals Growing and Changing)
~Gail Saunders-Smith
Capstone Press
School & Library Binding - May 1997
chickensbackyard.gif (5673 bytes) Chickens in Your Backyard : A Beginner's Guide
~Rick Luttmann
Rodale Press
Paperback - September 1976
Chickens (Farm Animals)
~Anne Larkin Hansen, Ann Larkin Hansen, Abdo & Daughters Publishing
School & Library Binding - January 1998
complete.jpg (7549 bytes) The Complete Book of Raising Livestock and Poultry
~Katie Thear(Editor), Alistair Fraser(Editor)
Paperback - 12 February, 1988
A Concise Poultry Colour Guide
~Joseph Batty, Beech Publishing House
Paperback - June 1996
free.gif (14263 bytes) Free Range Poultry
Farming Press Books and Videos
Hardcover - 14 March, 1997
handbook.jpg (4096 bytes) Handbook of Poultry Feed from Waste : Processing and Use
~Adel R. Y. El Boushy, Antonius F. B. Van Der Poel
Kluwer Academic Pub
Hardcover - October 2000
home.gif (11526 bytes) Home Poultry Keeping
~Geoffrey Eley
A & C Black
Paperback - December 1984
Nature's Chicken : The Story of Today's Chicken Farms
~Nigel Burroughs, Book Publishing Co.
Paperback - May 1992
Old Poultry Breeds
~Fred Hams
Shire Publications Ltd
Paperback - 31 January, 1999
pastured.gif (13715 bytes) Pastured Poultry Profits
~Joel Salatin
Polyface, Inc.
Paperback - July 1996
Poultry (Farm to Market)
~Jason Cooper, Rourke Pub Group
Hardcover - July 1997
Poultry Ailments for Fanciers
~J. Batty(Editor), Beech Publishing House
Paperback - 31 December, 1999
poultryand.gif (9272 bytes) Poultry and Waterfowl Problems
~Michael Roberts, Sara Roadnight(Editor)
Domestic Fowl Research
Paperback - 5 March, 1998
Poultry Breeding and Genetics
~R. D. Crawford(Editor), Elsevier Science Ltd
Hardcover - 1 January, 1990
Poultry Diseases
~F.T.W. Jordan DSc PhD BSc(Editor), M. Pattison PhD MSc BVSc MRCVS DPMP(Editor), WB Saunders
Hardcover - 18 March, 1996
Poultry Diseases and Meat Hygiene : A Color Atlas
~Drago C. Herenda, Don A. Franco, Iowa State Univ Pr (Sd)
Hardcover - May 1996
The Poultry Farmer's and Manager's Veterinary Handbook
~Peter W. Laing BSc MRCVS FRSH, The Crowood Press
Hardcover - 20 September, 1999
poulryhealth.jpg (4016 bytes) Poultry Health and Management
Blackwell Science (UK)
Paperback - 20 December, 1999
poultryhouse.gif (9487 bytes) Poultry House Construction
~Michael Roberts(Illustrator), Sara Roadnight(Editor)
Domestic Fowl Research
Paperback - November 1997
Poultry Houses and Appliances
~Adam rzeworski, Beech Publishing House
Paperback - 31 December, 1996
Poultry of the World
~Loyl Stromberg, Beech Publishing House
Hardcover - 31 October, 1996
poultrymeat.jpg (5998 bytes) Poultry Meat Processing
~Alan R. Sams, Alan Sams
CRC Press
Hardcover - 27 December, 2000
Poultry Science (Animal Agriculture Series)
~M. E. Ensminger, Interstate Printers & Pub
Hardcover - January 1992
Poultry Shows and Showing
~J. Batty, Beech Publishing House
Paperback - January 1999
Practical Poultry Keeping
~David Bland, The Crowood Press
Hardcover - 30 September, 1996
raising.gif (5991 bytes) Raising Poultry the Modern Way
~Leonard S. Mercia
Garden Way Pub Co
Paperback - April 1990
storey.jpg (6108 bytes) Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry: Breeds, Care, Health
~Leonard S. Mercia, Leonard Mercia
Storey Books
Paperback - 8 November, 2000
vatguide.gif (10284 bytes) Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners : Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Horses, Pigs, Poultry, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats
~C. E. Spaulding, Jackie Clay
Rodale Press
Hardcover - January 1998

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