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Competitive Obedience for Winners
~Brian McGovern
Ringpress Books
Hardcover - May 1995
Competitive Obedience: a Step-by-step Guide
~Paddy Coughlan
Ringpress Books
Hardcover - August 2002
guidetobeg.jpg (6601 bytes) Guide to Beginning Obedience
~Dan Gentile
TFH Publications
Paperback - 1996
Obedience Training
~Bruce Bartley, Bronwyn Bartley
The Crowood Press
Hardcover - 31 October, 1994
Twins A Step Behind
~Adhiambo Olum
Milligan Books
Paperback - 1 April, 1999
Small Dog Obedience Training
~R.A. Foreman
Beech Publishing House
A Beginner's Guide to Competitive Obedience
~Wendy Beasley
Kingdom Books
Hardcover - 11 March, 1999
teachbasic.jpg (6241 bytes) Teaching Basic Obedience
~Alexandra Powe Allred
TFH Publications
Paperback - October 2001
odebtrain.jpg (5765 bytes) Obedience Training
~Dennis Kelsey-Wood
TFH Publications
Hardcover - 24 February, 2000
germanshep.jpg (6679 bytes) Expert Obedience Training for Dogs
~Winifred Gibson Strickland
MacMillan Publishing Company.
Hardcover - 5 January, 1988
dogobtr.jpg (7005 bytes) Dog Obedience Training
~Ross Allan
TFH Publications
Hardcover - February 1997
dogobdedtrain.jpg (7456 bytes) Dog Obedience Training : A Complete and Up-To-Date Guide (Basic Domestic Pet Library)
~Ross Allan
Chelsea House Publications
Library Binding - May 1997
doglogic.jpg (5788 bytes) Dog Logic - Companion Obedience
~Joel M. McMains, Seymour N. Weiss (Editor)
Howell Book House
Hardcover - 30 November, 1992
clicker.gif (7838 bytes) Clicker Training for Obedience
~Morgan Spencer
Sunshine Books
Paperback - February 1999
teachingdog.gif (15083 bytes) Teaching Dog Obedience Class
Howell Book House
Hardcover - 1 April, 1986

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